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Division Intro
Editor: Source: 2008-04-07

Administration Division

In charge of government affairs, including file treatment, information, proposal, suggestions, resolutions, letters from and visits of the people, archives, and confidentiality works, as well as organization of important conferences and events, supervision of important files and meeting decision, contact and receipt, service guarantee, security, etc. of the organ.



Industrial Development & Promotion Division

Participating in researching on and instituting of the industrial plans and policies of Z-Park, and supervising the implementation of various policies of hi-tech corporations; joining in the certification of hi-tech result industrialization projects; coordinating the technical R&D, introduction and support of major hi-tech corporation projects; entrusted by the related governmental departments, in charge of declaration of scientific research projects and special funds of Z-Park corporations; in charge of coordinating the foreign trade of Z-Park.


Planning & Construction Coordination Division

In charge of researching on and instituting of Z-Park development planning, coordinating and organizing implementation; joining and organizing the institution of space planning, land utilization planning and ecological planning, etc; collecting and analyzing the information of major construction project in the Z-Park.



Investment and Financing Promotion Division

In charge of researching on and proposing investment and financing system construction schemes of the Z-Park; researching on and analyzing the investment and financing development status of Z-Park, putting forward policy proposals, setting up the investment and financing policy platform; promoting the share exchange and public offering financing of corporations in Z-Park; organizing and coordinating investment and financing institutions to support the industrial development of Z-Park, developing various financing modes fitting the Z-Park corporations, and enhancing the combination between technologies and finance.  


Human Resources Division

Researching on and proposing Z-Park HR development strategy planning and talent market system construction suggestions; researching on and drafting related policies of introducing talents for Z-Park, and coordinating and organizing implementation; in charge of serving overseas returnees’ start-up in Z-Park.



Agency Service System Construction Division

Researching on and proposing development plans of industrial associations and agency organizations in z-Park, organizing and instituting the related policies; promoting the development of agency organizations, construction of the credit system, etc. in Z-Park.  


Information-based Work Division

Organizing, researching on and proposing information-based construction plans, coordinating and furthering the implementation; in charge of coordinating and establishing united information management and service system, prediction system, economic operation and corporation assessment system in Z-Park; in charge of managing the website construction of Z-Park, and furthering the e-government and digital Z-Park construction.



International Exchange & Cooperation Division

In charge of international exchange and cooperation; in charge of the approval of designating personnel to go abroad for business and inviting foreign economic and technical personnel to China; in charge of construction, liaison and management of Z-Park overseas offices. 




Research Lab (WTO Affairs & IPR Work Division)

In charge of the research on Z-Park system and mechanism as well as reform measures; organizing the research on important questions in the development and construction of Z-Park, and bringing forward related countermeasures and proposals; in charge of coordinating the IPR promotion and protection work of Z-Park; cooperating with and coordinating related institutions to serve Z-Park corporations in the WTO affairs; organizing drafting and fulfillment of related supporting policies of Regulations on Zhongguancun Science Park, and supervising the implementation.




Publicity Division

In charge of publicity of Z-Park, drafting Z-Park publicity schemes and organizing implementation; organizing Z-Park press briefings; organizing news reports on Z-Park important activities and works.  


Finance Division

In charge of budget planning and management of development special funds; assisting related departments to supervising the management and using of special funds; in charge of the internal auditing of construction and development special funds; in charge of the finance work of the organ.  


Personnel Division

In charge of the organization management of cadres, personnel and institution of the Administrative Committee of Z-Park and subsidiary units.



Supervision Division

Performing duties of the accredited discipline inspection and supervision institution.


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